CleanCar EVO 50 ml + OVERCOAT 100 ml

CleanCar Coatings EVO 50 ml - PURE COATING

Durability:   2 layers – up to 48 months

Thickness:  up to 2 – 4 um

Contact Angle: 110°

Volume: 50 ml

Consumption: 15 - 20  ml / 1 layer / car


Durability:  1 layer – 6 months

Contact Angle: 100°

Volume: 100 ml

Consumption:  18 ml / car



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CleanCar EVO, the all-in-one all-star. This is the “stealth coating” that does everything right. A nano-glass glass coating that offers an all-around protection, hydrophobic properties, scratch resistance, and clarity that will leave you speechless. You won't know its there until you see it action.  No need to periodically wax or polish your vehicle. Protect your paint finish, keep your OEM standards.  

CleanCar OVERCOAT is a performance maintenance spray required to maintain your coatings hydrophobic performance. Specifically formulated to ensure the absolutely best performance in hydrophobicity. CleanCar Coatings are specifically formulated to create lasting effects against elements that prove harmful to your vehicles paint surface. OVERCOAT is designed to be used supplementary hydrophobic spray, its maintenance intervals are suggested by the installer, depending on the type of usage your vehicle may see. 

CleanCar OVERCOAT is a hydrophobic maintenance spray that is to be used with CleanCar Coatings, as well as it can also be used on its own. It creates a final barrier between the elements and the painted surfaces.  It is designed to replenish and nourish our coatings, as well as create a hydrophobic environment on your painted surfaces.