CleanCar GLO 50 ml

CleanCar Coatings GLO 50 ml - GLOSS COATING

Durability:  2 layers – up to 48 months (4 years)

Thickness:  up to 2 – 3 um

Contact Angle: 105°

Volume: 50 ml

Consumption: 10 - 12 ml / 1 layer / car



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CleanCar GLO, from the ground up, the basics in a bottle. This coating gives you the ease and flexibility of having a nano-glass coating, but also deepens, intensifies, and revitalizes your vehicles paint finish.  This coating is the way your vehicle should have come from the factory, but amplified

GLO is a paint coating that is specifically formulated with nano-particles that mould into different shapes and sizes  to fill in micro-scratches, while at the same time they optically deepen, intensify, and clear up paint finishes. 

 GLO revitalizes and refreshes painted surfaces. This active coating adds all the benefits of a protective coating,  and at the same time amplifies your paint finish.