CleanCar FAME 50 ml


Durability:  2 layers – up to 60 months

Thickness:  up to 3 – 5 um

Contact Angle: 110°

Volume: 50 ml

Consumption: 15 - 20 ml / 1 layer / car



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CleanCar FAME, our passion, for detailers by detailers (with a bit of nano-chemical knowledge ;)  

 This coating is what everyone has come to grow and love from the CleanCar Coatings line-up. 105 Gloss units  in a bottle. When people talk nano-glass coatings, FAME, is what they are talking about. A dreadnought in a fine suit. Scratch-resistance, oleophobic, hydrophobic, UV-resistant, and a permanently glossy coating that will keep your paintfinish easy to clean, easy to maintain, and without the need to wax or polish. 

 Our passion, for detailers by detailers. 

CleanCar Coatings FAME is formulated to be the ultimate Gloss Coat.

FAME is designed to either be applied on its own or with GLO, to create an extremely deep, glossy, mirror-like finish.

FAME achieves almost 105 gloss-units at 20 and 60 degree angles, making it glossier than waxes, and even the clearcoat used on the vehicle itself.

FAME leaves a showcar finish.