CleanCar Coatings UK Affiliate launch event.

Similar to our CleanCar Nights May 2018 European Launch event, CleanCar Coatings will officially launch our affiliate store in the United Kingdom.

In mid August 2019, exact date to be confirmed, CleanCar Coatings, already having over 12 detailing centers in the UK will officially launch our Affiliate Center.

Currently CleanCar Coatings is available world wide with offices in Europe and the United States; our target goal is to begin opening Affiliate Stores in geographically strategic locations such as the United Kingdom.

What to expect from our UK Launch Event?

  • Brief introduction into our coatings systems.
  • Live demonstrations.
  • Meet our team.
  • Spend the day with other professional detailers.

We look forward to seeing you guys at the event; more information will be posted closer to the launch date, the event is by invitation only.